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A Few of Our Biographies:

* Cleopatra

* Malcolm X

* Rasputin

* Albert Schweitzer

* Andrew Carnegie

* Bill Wilson ("Bill W.," founder of A.A.)

The Assassination of President Kennedy


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History and Biography Reading Suggestions (Hundreds of 'Em, by Category)

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Create a document with the following items and submit it at our Contact Us page:

1. Your story idea or ideas, related to history or biography. Summarize each idea in 300 words or less; send a maximum of five ideas per message.

2. A sample of your best writing - 300 words max. This can be a 300-word section of one piece, or short sections from several articles coming to a total of 300 words.

We are primarily interested in pieces in the range of 2,000 to 5,000 words. We accept only a few of the ideas we receive. We'll try our best to say "yes" or "no" within 30 working days.

We pay $100 per article upon acceptance of the piece. We apologize for this low amount - we realize it isn't nearly what you're worth, but it's the extent of our budget right now. We can offer global exposure for you and your work.

If you are a photographer with a history photo essay in mind, write to us at the Contact Us page for special directions.