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The Assassination of President Kennedy


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The Cold War

This Website offers background on the Cold War in 18 articles and items, listed below.

The Cold War was the duel for global power from the mid-1940s to the late 1980s between Western democracies and Communism - between liberal capitalism and state socialism - between the Free World and the Eastern Bloc - between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The term "cold war" was first used by George Orwell in a 1945 article. British scholar Lawrence D. Freedman defines "cold war" as "a state of affairs in which relations between two antagonists are governed by the possibility of a hot war that both wish to avoid." During most of the Cold War, "hot war" meant nuclear weapons. Historian John Lukacs defines the Cold War as "....the actuality of a political and....the potentiality of a military confrontation of these two giant states (the U.S. and the Soviet Union)...." BBC journalist Matthew Price notes, "The actual wars of the Cold War were fought in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, as the United States and the USSR shot at each other by proxy."

Books About the Cold War
(With Links to Web Resources)


Harry S. Truman

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Joseph Stalin

J. Robert Oppenheimer

A Review of Daniel Ellsberg's Book on the Pentagon Papers

Garry Wills (A Talk Delivered in 2010)

The Battle of Dienbienphu
(With Background on U.S. Involvement in Vietnam)

The Tet Offensive

The Cold War as a Point of Contention in
How History is Taught

Robert F. Kennedy (With Examination of
Operation Mongoose and the Cuban Missile Crisis)

The Assassination of President Kennedy

Mao Zedong

Was the Cold War Necessary? (Brief Item)

Ho Chi Minh's Attempt to Contact FDR (Brief Item)

Military Tanks During the Cold War
(Brief Section of an Article About the History of Tanks)

An Observation on the Writing of Military History by John Keegan (Brief Section of an Interview With Michael J. Briggs)

History's Most Daring Skydive,
a Cold War-Driven Event in 1960